Amber Lens and Black Base of 60 LED Warning Light


Amber Lens and Black Base of 60 LED Warning Light

LED Amount: 60 LED
LED Type:5730 SMD
Voltage: DC 10V-30V
Functions: (Single Flash / Quick Flash / Rotating )
Waterproof: IP66
Lens: Polycarbonate
Base: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
Installation method: Magnet / Screw
Wires Out Way: Cigarette lighter plug / Wires
Size:Ф7.9" X 5.5"
Certification: CE,ECE R10

LED Warning Light

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The warning light with an amber lens and black base is a reliable and versatile device designed to ensure safety and visibility in various applications. With its advanced features and durable construction, this warning light provides effective signaling and promotes enhanced safety.

Equipped with 60 LEDs of the 5730 SMD type, this warning light delivers powerful and attention-grabbing illumination. It operates within a voltage range of DC 10V-30V, offering versatility and compatibility with different power sources.

The warning light offers multiple functions, including single flash, quick flash, and rotating modes. These options allow for flexible signaling based on specific needs and circumstances, effectively capturing attention and conveying warning messages.

Designed with an IP66 waterproof rating, this warning light is built to withstand challenging weather conditions and maintain functionality in harsh environments. The polycarbonate lens ensures durability and provides resistance to impact and external damage.