Back-up Alarm


Back-up Alarm

Back-Up Horn
Voltage : DC 12V-48
dB/M : 112dB±3dB

Back-up Alarm

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Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to operating vehicles, particularly during reverse maneuvers. To ensure that individuals in the vicinity are alerted to the presence of a reversing vehicle, the Back-Up Alarm, also known as the Back-Up Horn, serves as a reliable and powerful warning system.

Operating within a voltage range of DC 12V-48V, the Back-Up Alarm is compatible with various vehicle electrical systems, ensuring its usability across different vehicle models and configurations. With a dB/M rating of 112dB±3dB, the alarm emits a loud and attention-grabbing sound, providing an unmistakable warning signal to those nearby.

The primary purpose of the Back-Up Alarm is to enhance safety by alerting pedestrians, workers, and other vehicles in the vicinity that a vehicle is in the process of reversing. The high decibel rating ensures that the sound is sufficiently loud to be heard over ambient noise and other environmental factors, effectively capturing attention and preventing potential accidents.

The Back-Up Alarm is a crucial safety component that offers peace of mind to both vehicle operators and those around them. It serves as a clear auditory indicator, notifying individuals to exercise caution and be aware of a vehicle's movements. By adhering to the specified voltage range and emitting a powerful sound, the Back-Up Alarm fulfills its purpose of enhancing safety during reverse operations.