LED Battery Warning light

model:YC-788 SMB

LED Battery Warning light

Led Warning Light
Led Amount:30 LED
Functions:15 Flashes patterns/Sensor
DC 3V:D cell Battery *2 (excluded)
3 Pcs Strong Magnet
Size:Ф4.7" X 6.18"
Packing:White Box Packaging

LED Warning Light

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TAG: Warning Light, Alarm Light, Strobe Light, LED Light, LED Warning Light, Safety Light


The LED Battery Warning light is a versatile and practical safety device designed to provide reliable visual warnings in various situations. With 30 LEDs, this warning light offers a powerful and attention-grabbing light output that enhances visibility and promotes safety.

Equipped with 15 different flash patterns and a sensor function, this warning light provides a range of signaling options to suit different needs and scenarios. Whether it's for roadside emergencies, construction sites, or personal safety, users can select the most appropriate flash pattern to effectively communicate warning signals.

The warning light operates on DC 3V power, requiring two D cell batteries for operation. While the batteries are not included, this power source ensures a portable and independent operation, making it suitable for situations where a continuous power supply may not be available or practical.

Featuring three strong magnets, this warning light offers a convenient and secure installation method. The magnets provide a strong grip, allowing the light to be easily attached to metal surfaces such as vehicles, traffic cones, or road signs. This magnetic installation ensures stability and flexibility, enabling the light to be quickly deployed and repositioned as needed.