Siren Horn


Siren Horn

Siren 3-1 / 2"
Voltage : DC 12V / 24V
1Tone / 6Tone

Siren Horn

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In emergency situations, having a reliable and attention-grabbing audible signal is essential for alerting and warning others. The Siren Horn, specifically the 3-1/2" Siren, is a device that fulfills this crucial function.

Operating at either DC 12V or 24V, this siren is designed to produce a powerful and distinct tone that can be easily heard in various environments. With its ability to emit either a single tone or six different tones, it offers versatility in terms of the audible signals it can generate.

The compact size of the 3-1/2" siren allows for easy installation and integration into different systems and vehicles. It can be conveniently mounted in an accessible location, ensuring that the sound travels effectively and reaches the intended recipients.

The primary purpose of the siren horn is to serve as an audible alert, capturing attention and signaling the presence of an emergency or critical situation. Whether it's used in emergency response vehicles, security systems, or other applications requiring a powerful audible signal, the 3-1/2" siren provides an effective means of communication.