Amber Warning Beacon light with SAE approve


Amber Warning Beacon light with SAE approve

LED Amount: 48 LED
LED Type:2835 SMD
Voltage: DC 12V-48V
Functions: 6 Patterns
Waterproof: IP67
Lens: Polycarbonate
Base: Aluminum
Installation method: Magnet / Screw
Wires Out Way: Cigarette lighter plug / Wires
Size:Ф6.4" X 5.43"
Certification: CE,ECE R10,ECE R65,SAE J845

The Amber Warning Beacon light with SAE approval is a highly reliable and compliant safety device designed to provide effective visual warnings in various applications. Equipped with 48 LEDs of the 2835 SMD type, this beacon light offers a powerful and attention-grabbing light output that enhances visibility and promotes safety on the road.

Operating within a voltage range of DC 12V-48V, this warning beacon light is compatible with a wide range of vehicles and power systems. Whether it's a car, truck, or heavy-duty equipment, this beacon light can be easily integrated into the electrical system, ensuring seamless functionality and optimal performance.

With six different patterns to choose from, this warning beacon light offers versatility in signaling options. The various patterns include flashing, rotating, and alternating light sequences, allowing users to select the most appropriate pattern for the specific application or situation. This flexibility enables effective communication of warning signals to oncoming traffic or individuals in the vicinity.

The IP67 waterproof rating ensures the beacon light's durability and reliability in challenging weather conditions. This high level of waterproof protection allows the light to withstand rain, snow, or other harsh environmental factors, ensuring uninterrupted operation and maintaining optimal visibility.