Back-up Alarm


Back-up Alarm

Reversing Horn
Voltage: DC 12V / 24V
Sound: Be Be
dB/M: 97dB±5dB
Installation method: Screw
Wire Out Way: Wires

Back-up Alarm

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In various industries and settings, the use of heavy machinery and vehicles necessitates effective safety measures to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of both operators and pedestrians. One essential safety component is the Back-up Alarm, also known as the Reversing Horn.

Operating at either a DC 12V or 24V voltage, this back-up alarm emits a distinctive "Be Be" sound, alerting individuals in the vicinity of a vehicle's reversing motion. With a sound output of 97dB±5dB per meter, the alarm delivers a loud and attention-grabbing signal that can be heard over background noise, effectively warning others of the vehicle's presence.

Installation of the back-up alarm is simple and secure, utilizing a screw-based method. This ensures a stable attachment to the vehicle, preventing any unintended dislodging or movement during operation. The wires are configured to provide a practical and convenient way to connect the alarm to the vehicle's electrical system, enabling seamless integration and reliable performance.

The primary purpose of the back-up alarm is to enhance safety during reversing maneuvers. By audibly signaling the vehicle's movement, it provides a clear warning to pedestrians, workers, and other vehicles in the vicinity, prompting them to exercise caution and remain alert. This is particularly crucial in busy and noisy environments where visibility may be limited.