Back-up Alarm


Back-up Alarm

Back-Up Horn
Voltage: DC 12V-24V
Sound: Be Be
dB/M: 87dB±5dB / 97dB±5dB / 107dB±5dB
Installation method: Screw
Size: 102mm x 67mm x 40mm

Back-up Alarm

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When it comes to vehicle safety, having a reliable backup alarm is crucial to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of pedestrians and other drivers. The Back-up Horn is a powerful and effective device designed to provide audible warnings during reverse maneuvers.

Operating at a power of 15W and a voltage range of DC 12V-24V, this backup horn delivers a clear and attention-grabbing sound. Emitting a distinctive "Be Be" tone, it serves as an audible signal to indicate that a vehicle is in reverse motion.

The Back-up Horn offers flexibility in terms of sound intensity, with different options available. It comes in three variations, each with a different sound output measured in dB/M (decibels per meter). These options include 87dB±5dB, 97dB±5dB, and 107dB±5dB, allowing users to choose the appropriate level of sound intensity based on their specific needs and requirements.

Installation of the Back-up Horn is straightforward, utilizing a screw mounting method. This ensures a secure and stable attachment to the vehicle, minimizing the risk of the alarm becoming dislodged or malfunctioning during operation.