LED Battery Warning light


LED Battery Warning light

LED Amount: 18 LED
Functions: (Flash / Steady / On / Off)
Lens: Polycarbonate
Base: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
DC 6V: AA cell Battery x 4 (excluded)
Installation method: Strong Magnet Base
Size: Ф6.7" X 2.0"
Certification: CE

LED Warning Light

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In the world of safety equipment, LED battery warning lights have become an indispensable tool for enhancing visibility and promoting caution in various settings. One such remarkable device is the LED Battery Warning Light, designed to provide reliable and effective signaling in a compact and portable form.

With 18 high-quality LEDs, this warning light offers ample brightness to catch the attention of onlookers, drivers, and pedestrians alike. The carefully selected LED configuration ensures optimal light distribution, making it highly visible from different angles and distances. Whether it's used in construction zones, roadworks, or emergency situations, this warning light serves as a beacon of caution and awareness.

The functions of the LED Battery Warning Light are designed to cater to different requirements. It offers multiple modes, including flashing, steady, on, and off, allowing users to adapt the signaling pattern based on the specific situation at hand. This versatility ensures that the warning light can effectively convey the intended message and promote safety in a wide range of scenarios.

Durability is a key consideration in the design of this warning light. The lens is crafted from polycarbonate, a robust and impact-resistant material known for its exceptional clarity. This lens not only protects the internal components of the warning light but also ensures optimal light transmission, maximizing visibility even in challenging weather conditions or low-light environments.