1LED Small Bright Battery Warning light


1LED Small Bright Battery Warning light

LED Amount: 1*1W LED
Functions: (Flash / Steady / On / Off)
Lens: Polycarbonate
Base: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene DC
6V: AA cell Battery x 4 (excluded)
Installation method: Strong Magnet Base
Size: Ф3.1" X 1.7"
Certification: CE

LED Warning Light

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TAG: Warning Light, Alarm Light, Strobe Light, LED Light, LED Warning Light, Safety Light


In the realm of safety equipment, even the smallest devices can make a significant impact. The 1LED Small Bright Battery Warning Light is a perfect example of how a compact and portable tool can play a crucial role in enhancing visibility and promoting caution.

Equipped with a single 1W LED, this warning light emits a focused and powerful beam of light that stands out even in challenging conditions. Despite its small size, the LED delivers impressive brightness, ensuring that it catches the attention of those nearby. Whether used in confined spaces, on bicycles, or as a personal safety accessory, this warning light serves as a reliable indicator of potential hazards.

The functions of the 1LED Small Bright Battery Warning Light offer flexibility to adapt to different situations. It features multiple modes, including flashing, steady illumination, as well as the ability to switch the light on or off. These options allow users to select the most appropriate signaling pattern for their specific needs. Whether it's alerting others of a potential danger or simply increasing visibility in low-light environments, this warning light offers versatility and convenience.

The lens of the warning light is crafted from polycarbonate, a durable and transparent material known for its resistance to impacts. This lens not only protects the internal components from external elements but also ensures optimal light transmission, maximizing the visibility of the warning light. Even in harsh weather conditions or when confronted with debris or vibrations, the polycarbonate lens remains reliable and clear.