LED Battery Warning light


LED Battery Warning light

Led Warning Light
Led Amount: 24LED (18LED + 6LED)
Functions: (Flash / Steady / Color Switch / On / Off)
Lens: PC
Base: ABS
DC 6V: AA cell Battery *4 (excluded)
2 Pcs Strong Magnet
Size: Ф6.7" x 2.0"

LED Warning Light

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When it comes to safety precautions, having a reliable warning light can make all the difference. The LED Battery Warning Light offers a powerful and versatile solution to ensure visibility and alertness in various situations.

With a combination of 18 LEDs and an additional 6 LEDs, totaling 24 LEDs, this warning light emits a bright and attention-grabbing light output. Whether it's used to enhance visibility on a construction site, alert others on the road, or serve as an emergency signal, the LED configuration provides ample illumination to convey the necessary warnings.

The functions of the LED Battery Warning Light offer flexibility and adaptability. With options such as flashing, steady illumination, color switching, as well as the ability to switch the light on or off, users can customize the warning light according to their specific requirements. This versatility allows for effective communication of different messages or signaling needs, ensuring that the warning light meets the demands of diverse environments and situations.

The lens of the warning light is made from polycarbonate (PC), a durable and transparent material known for its impact resistance. This PC lens not only protects the internal components from external elements but also ensures the efficient transmission of light. By maximizing light output and maintaining clarity, the lens contributes to the warning light's overall effectiveness, even in challenging weather conditions or environments with potential obstructions.