LED Barricade Warning light


LED Barricade Warning light

Led Amount: 8 LED
Functions: (Flash / Sensor / On / Off )
DC 6V: D cell Battery *4 (excluded)
Add Indicator light
Lens: PC
Base: ABS
Size: Ф3.1" x 7"

LED Warning light

Auto Parts, Auto Accessory Light, Auto accessory, Auto Tuning, emergency vehicle light, Beacon

TAG: Warning Light, Alarm Light, Strobe Light, LED Light, Barricade Light


The LED Warning Light is a compact and versatile lighting solution designed to provide effective signaling and visibility in various applications. With its reliable performance and user-friendly features, this warning light is an essential tool for ensuring safety and alertness.

Featuring 8 bright LEDs, this warning light emits a powerful and attention-grabbing light output. Whether it's used in low-light conditions or during hazardous situations, the high-intensity LEDs ensure maximum visibility, alerting others to potential dangers or risks.

The warning light offers multiple functions to cater to different needs. With flash, sensor activation, and on/off capabilities, users have the flexibility to choose the appropriate lighting mode based on the specific requirements of their environment. Whether it's a rapid flashing pattern, sensor-triggered activation, or manual control, this warning light provides versatility in its operation.

To enhance user convenience and ensure continuous operation, an indicator light is incorporated into the design. This indicator light serves as a visual reminder of the warning light's status, indicating whether it is functioning properly and providing a clear signal to those nearby.