Multi-tone horn


Multi-tone horn

30 Sound Rainbow Horn W/Mic
Voltage : DC 12V
10 Siren
10 Animal Roar
10 Music

Multi-tone horn

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Sound plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and effective communication on the road. The Multi-tone horn, specifically the 30 Sound Rainbow Horn with a built-in microphone, offers a versatile and powerful auditory warning system.

Operating at DC 12V, this Multi-tone horn is designed to be compatible with various vehicles, ensuring its accessibility and functionality across different models. With its impressive range of 30 sound options, including 10 siren sounds, 10 animal roar sounds, and 10 music selections, this horn provides drivers with a wide array of choices to suit their specific needs and preferences.

The primary purpose of the Multi-tone horn is to enhance safety by alerting pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers of a vehicle's presence or any potential hazards on the road. The availability of multiple sound options allows drivers to select the most appropriate sound for different situations, ensuring maximum effectiveness in capturing attention and conveying messages.

The 10 siren sounds offer a diverse range of traditional warning signals commonly associated with emergency vehicles. These distinct and recognizable sounds serve as clear indicators of urgency, quickly signaling to others that immediate attention or caution is required.