Square With 16 LED of Vhicle Work Light


Square With 16 LED of Vhicle Work Light

LED Amount:16 LED
LED Type: 16LED*3W Epistar (50MIL)
LED Beam:Flod Light/Spot Light
Voltage:DC 10~30V
Color temperature: 6000K
Waterproof: IP67
Lens: Polycarbonate
Base: Aluminum
Wires Out Way: Wires
Size: 110mm x 60mm x 164mm

LED Working Light

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Enhance your vehicle's lighting capabilities with the Square With 16 LED of Vehicle Work Light. This high-performance work light is designed to provide exceptional brightness and versatility for a wide range of applications. With its square shape and impressive 16 LEDs, each utilizing advanced 3W Epistar (50MIL) technology, this work light delivers powerful illumination that outshines traditional lighting solutions.

Featuring both floodlight and spotlight modes, this work light offers flexibility in lighting options. Whether you need to illuminate a large area or require focused lighting for specific tasks, you can easily adjust the LED beam to meet your requirements. The combination of flood and spot beams ensures optimal coverage and visibility, making it suitable for various working environments.

Operating at a voltage range of DC 10~30V, this work light is compatible with a wide range of vehicles and equipment. From cars and trucks to boats and off-road vehicles, you can rely on this work light to provide consistent and reliable illumination in any situation. Its wide voltage compatibility ensures seamless integration into your existing electrical system, allowing you to maximize its performance without any hassle.

With a color temperature of 6000K, this work light emits a bright white light that closely resembles natural daylight. This color temperature enhances visibility and provides excellent color rendition, allowing you to see objects with clarity and accuracy. Whether you're working in low-light conditions, traversing challenging terrains, or performing detailed tasks, this work light ensures optimal visibility and safety.