Forklift Arrow Zone Light


Forklift Arrow Zone Light

LED Amount: 3 LED
Voltage: DC 10V-80V
Waterproof: IP67
Lens: Polycarbonate
Base: Aluminum
Installation method: Screw
Wires Out Way: Wires
Size:90mm x 80mm x 123mm
Certification: CE,ECE R10
Color: Red / Blue / Green

LED Forklift Zone Light

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In industrial settings where forklifts are commonly used, safety is of paramount importance. One crucial safety feature that aids in the smooth and secure operation of forklifts is the Forklift Arrow Zone Light.

Equipped with three powerful 3W SMD LEDs, this arrow zone light is designed to provide clear and visible guidance to operators and pedestrians. With a wide operating voltage range of DC 10V-80V, it ensures compatibility with various forklift models, allowing for widespread usage in different environments.

To withstand the rigors of industrial applications, the forklift arrow zone light is built with durability in mind. The lens is crafted from robust polycarbonate material, ensuring resistance to impacts, vibrations, and environmental factors. Complemented by an aluminum base, this light is both lightweight and sturdy, providing long-lasting performance in demanding working conditions.

To ensure reliability in any situation, the forklift arrow zone light is rated IP67 waterproof. This means it is protected against dust ingress and can withstand being submerged in water up to a certain depth. This feature is particularly valuable in environments where moisture or dust may be present, providing peace of mind that the arrow zone light will continue to function optimally.