Forklift Spot Zone Light


Forklift Spot Zone Light

LED Amount: 1LED
Voltage: DC 10-80V
Waterproof: IP67
Lens: Polycarbonate
Base: Aluminum
Installation method: Screw
Wires Out Way: Two Wires
Size:85mm x 86mm x 111mm
Certification: CE,ECE R10
Color: Red / Blue
Color: Red / Blue

LED Foklift Working Light

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In industrial settings where forklifts are utilized, safety is a top priority. One essential safety feature that aids in enhancing visibility and preventing accidents is the Forklift Spot Zone Light.

Equipped with a single high-powered 3W SMD LED, this spot zone light is specifically designed to create a focused beam of light, highlighting a specific area or zone. With a wide operating voltage range of DC 10-80V, it ensures compatibility with various forklift models and can function reliably across different voltage levels.

The forklift spot zone light is built to withstand the challenging conditions of industrial environments. Its lens is constructed from durable polycarbonate material, providing excellent resistance against impacts, vibrations, and harsh weather conditions. The aluminum base further enhances its strength and stability, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding working conditions.

To ensure its functionality in various weather conditions, the forklift spot zone light is rated IP67 waterproof. This means it is fully protected against dust ingress and capable of withstanding temporary immersion in water. This waterproof feature makes it suitable for use in environments where water or other liquids may be present.